DGCT Prototypes

The development of the Detonation Cycle Gas Turbine engine has proceeded by way of the sequential design, construction, development and testing of a large number of prototype engines.

  • First Feasibility Prototype, April 1987
  • First Upscale Prototype, December 1989
  • First Low-Inertia Prototype, April 1993
  • Fourth Engineering Prototype, December 1997
  • 540 hp Full-scale Feasibility Prototype, April, 2007
  • Sixth Generation High-technology Engineering Prototype, March 2011

Images and videos are available below.

Prototype VI

CAD Renderings

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Being prepared for testing at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University

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TTE took delivery of its 6th Generation Prototype engine on March 3rd, 2011. Modifications to the DCGT technology for this prototype were accomplished using the latest in CAD (Computer-aided design) tools and focused on all-around tighter tolerances and a new redesign of the flow path, including the combustion chamber and the nozzle leading to the turbine wheels. Also a considerable improvement over the previous generations in terms of material selection, fabrication of this latest prototype was conducted by Jet Manufacturing and Machining, an ISO 9001 certified company located in Sanford, Florida.

Assembly, alignment and pre-test checks were successfully completed at the Gas Turbine Research Laboratory at Embry-Riddle University in Daytona Beach, Florida prior to April 4, 2011. Plans to disassemble the engine for final inspection and for the commencement of full scale testing were announced at that time.

Prototype V

Conceptual Renderings

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3D Animated Rendering

Propane (LPG) Fuel Demonstration

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At TTE's DeLand, Florida, Demonstration Facility

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Hydrogen Fuel Demonstration

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TTE received delivery of this 540hp Prototype engine from Cost Cast, Inc. in April of 2007. Robert Scragg of Alpha Engines Corporation continued the building and outfitting of this prototype at TTE's Demonstration Facility in DeLand, Florida. This included the fitting of its fuel and electrical ignition systems and other miscellaneous hardware as required prior to testing. Custom Tube Products Inc. worked with Alpha and TTE to build the exhaust manifolds for testing purposes. This engine was utilized for extensive testing and served to demonstrate TTE's remarkable DCGT technology to prospective investors.

Prototype III

Driving a High Inertia Brake Assembly to demonstrate Acceleration and Torque

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Prototype II

Modified for the U.S. Patent Office to demonstrate the Detonation Cycle

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Pictures of Turbine Truck Engines' New 6th Generation Prototype at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University
6th Generation DCGT Engine

CAD Renderings of Turbine Truck Engines' New 6th Generation Prototype
6th Generation DCGT Engine Cut-away Rendering


DCGT Full-Scale Feasibility Prototype Video Demo Utilizing Hydrogen Fuel
5th Generation DCGT Engine

Pictures of Turbine Truck Engines' 5th Generation Prototype at TTE's Florida Demonstration Facility
5th Generation DCGT Engine