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On May 9, 2017, TTE executed a share exchange with the Novo Healthnet Limited ("Novo") shareholders, pursuant to which TTE has acquired 100% of Novo's outstanding share capital in exchange for an 85% stake, fully diluted, in TTE.

Since 2000, TTE has been a clean-air technology company dedicated to identifying, developing and commercializing important scientific innovations designed to enhance both environmental conservation and cost savings in how the world produces and consumes energy.

As a result of the Novo acquisition, TTE immediately re-directs all business operations away from the alternative energy sector and now focuses its resources and operations toward executing the Novo growth model.

After analyzing a variety of components that constitute a business' risk-reward model and then comparing the models for both the alternative energy sector and the healthcare sector, combined with the ongoing expansion of the Novo business model, all parameters indicate that moving forward with the Novo team in the healthcare sector provides TTE with an impressive growth opportunity.

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