Executive Management

Enzo Cirillo
Chairman of the Board
Chief Executive Officer (Interim)

Mr. Cirillo is the CEO/President/Owner of a number of private companies doing business, in both Canada and the United States, in a variety of industries such as technology, commercial and residential high-rise real estate development, health/fitness facilities and transportation. Enzo is an active private equity investor in both private and public entities worldwide.

Mr. Cirillo holds a BA, Math from York University in Toronto. Prior to his business career, Mr. Cirillo was captain of the York University football team preceded by his time playing for the Toronto Athletics, a semi-professional football development team for the Toronto Argonauts of the Canadian Football League.

Chris David
Board Of Directors
Secretary - Treasurer

Chris David has been a private venture investor for 20 years in both private and public companies. In addition, Mr. David has been an advisor on operational, internal control, marketing and finance matters to numerous small and medium size businesses in the pharmaceutical, bio-tech, television-movie media, real-estate, technology and industrial commodity industries.

Prior to Mr. David's professional business career, he retired from the US Navy officer ranks in 1994. Chris holds a BA from the University of Washington.

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