Novo Healthnet Limited, a wholly owned foreign subsidiary of TTE, was founded in 2013. Novo is a well-respected, revenue generating company in the rapidly expanding healthcare sector. Novo owns a 100% interest in Novo Assessments, Inc., Novo Healthnet Rehab Limited, Novo Peak Health, Inc. and an 80% interest in Novo Healthnet Kemptville Centre, Inc. (collectively the "Novo Family") all of which are Ontario province, Canada corporations.

Currently, the Novo Family operates within the healthcare para-medical services sector. In particular, the core business focuses on pain treatment and management through rehabilitative treatment protocols. With physical presence in over 350 locations and expanding, the Novo Family's network provides healthcare treatment and services to more than 350,000 patients annually in clinic, home and institutional environments.

Novo's future growth strategy is centered on expanding patient based healthcare solutions through the integration of healthcare, technology and medical science. Through an advanced virtual physician access system, Novo's integrated healthcare platform will present patients worldwide with one-center, patient-based healthcare diagnostic and treatment solutions without compromising the traditional primary care physician platform. Novo's emphasis on providing access to primary care medical solutions through virtual technology allows for centralization of services to occur on a micro footprint level while providing healthcare solutions to remote and small population areas as well as underserved populations in dense urban areas

Novo and its subsidiaries are regulated under the Financial Services Commission of Ontario (FSCO) and accredited through the Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities (CARF). Compliant treatment, data and administrative protocols are managed through a very senior team of healthcare and administrative professionals. The strict adherence to public regulatory standards, as well as self-imposed standards of excellence, allow the Novo Family to navigate with ease through the licensing and regulatory framework of foreign jurisdictions thus allowing the Novo Family to migrate quickly into key marketplaces outside of Canada.