History of Turbine Truck Engines and the HPBS

Consistent with Turbine Truck Engines’ mission statement, in recent years TTE has begun pursuing expansion opportunities around the world. While pursuing partnership opportunities in Asia for TTE’s Detonation Cycle Gas Turbine Technology, TTE’s CEO was introduced to the principal leadership of Hydrogen Union Energy Co. Ltd (“HUE”), a Taiwan corporation, which holds the exclusive rights to manufacture, market, and distribute the HPBS worldwide. HUE is a subsidiary of Energy Technology Services Co., Ltd (“ETS”), a Taiwan corporation.

Over the last 2 years, the companies have blazed a difficult path together to advance both the acceptance and the economic viability of the Hydrogen Production Burner System in the Asia marketplace. Today, market acceptance of the commercial viability and risk assessment of the HPBS has reached criticality.

Due to the impact high levels of air pollution is having on all aspects of life and business in China, pressure is rapidly increasing for industry across all spectrums in China to aggressively seek out new technologies to replace petrochemical oil, gas, or electric energy as a fuel source for burning. TTE is aggressively pursuing its business model to place the HPBS throughout the Chinese market and beyond.